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Assisted Psychotherapy

LEAP's Mission

Legend Equine Psychotherapy Program (“LEAP”) is an alternative approach to traditional counselling. Patients gain insight into their behaviour through their relationship with therapeutic horses. A unique bond between horses and humans exists that encourages growth and connection. When talk therapy just isn’t enough, equine therapy makes inroads and breaks downs walls.
  • Compassion
  • Cognition
  • Comportment
  • Communication
  • Character

work with LEAP

I could list over 100 reasons you would benefit from the LEAP program, but the most compelling are:

Your Amazing brain

Did you know your brain changes until the minute you die? Incredibly you can alter everything about your life experience with a little work. Horses facilitate this.

Academic Success

Our younger clients experience an upswing in their academic success.

Social Success

Horses act as a mirror to your inner world. Working with them provides insight into your character and relationship to the outside world

A Support Network

Once you are a part of the LEAP community you have access to all our resources. Therapy doesn’t end with your session. We are striving to create a community that provides extended support.

what we do

Identify Underlying Emotional Issues

Quite often, horses get to core issues that years of talk therapy have been unable to access. Equine therapy is physical and allows patients to retrieve information about themselves that may be covered up by years of defence mechanisms. If traditional counselling stalls, I recommend that my patients spend some time with our therapeutic horses. They really do work miracles.

Teach Coping Skills & Personal Boundaries

Horses act as mirror to your mental state. Anger, domination and bullying will never get a horse to do what you want it to do. Patients have to learn to connect with the horses in a positive manner. These skills are transferable to personal and work environments, creating successful coping mechanisms where none existed before.

Overcome Fears & Learn to Trust

For many people fear is at the heart of their challenges. Working with horses allows patients to feel the fear, release their death grip on perceived control and allow themselves to develop a relationship of trust with these powerfully sensitive creatures. Equine therapy enables clients to overcome old habits in an unfamiliar environment that allows them to be vulnerable.


  • Character
  • Behaviors
  • Cognition
  • Comportment
  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Community
  • Reach Goals


  • Dr. Lynn Fraley, PhD

    Founder and CEO

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    Dr. Lynn Fraley, PhD

    Dr. Lynn Fraley is a Clinical Mental Health Professional in the State of Washington, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Idaho and is certified by the National Board of Counselors. She has worked with child and adult survivors of all types of abuse, chemical dependency, divorce & blended family structures as well as more severe and long-term mental illnesses. Her primary areas of focus are equine therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, individual psychotherapy & paediatric developmental issues. She has also been designated as a certified expert, by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and holds a specialty board certification in Sexual Abuse by AAETS

Dr. Lynn Fraley, PhD

The LEAP program is Dr. Lynn Fraley’s solution for patients who do not respond as well to traditional psychotherapy. This new field offers clients infinite possibilities, where options may once have seem limited. As an expert horsewoman and therapist, Dr. Fraley has witnessed the difference equine therapy has made for 100’s of her clients. Dr. Fraley and the LEAP staff are solidifying these experiences in a scientific environment and will be releasing their findings to the mental health community in 2018

Our Equine Specialists & Researchers

Animal assisted therapy using horses is a relatively new field of study and is emerging at a very rapid pace. With more programs turning to equine assisted psychotherapy each day, one may wonder what unique experiences horses offer that enhances your growth and healing in ways that traditional therapy alone does not. LEAP will be providing substantive research into this evolving area to be published in 2018

  • Jack Gamble

    A Native

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    Jack Gamble

    Jack Gamble Equine Specialist “Jack Gamble, a Northwest native from the Palouse region, is an Equine Specialist and a certified member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horseman International (PATH). He is an expert horseman with a passion for the healing process involved in equine therapy. Over the years he has had the pleasure of seeing just how much of an impact this type of therapy makes.

    With 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 4 chickens…he fits right in at the barn!

    Jack is also an integral part of the research team, spearheaded by Dr. Lynn Fraley, which is engaged in cataloguing the results of the LEAP program. Findings will be published and made available to the public and other mental health/equine therapy professionals in 2018.


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